Raised in the Uinta Basin of Utah, Tim Thayne grew up an avid animal lover and student of nature, riding horses, raising sheep, milking cows, and braving roosters. Years later, after receiving his doctoral degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Tim was finally able to carve out time to get back to his roots and partner with his dad and uncle in a Utah farm growing crops and raising cattle. With decades of experience between them, when approached about raising Berkshire pork, it took little prodding for them to jump in with enthusiasm.

Roxanne Thayne, who battled breast cancer at age 30, was cautious about the health our Standard American Diet (SAD) offered. After living as a hard-core vegan for years, she decided to add animal products back into her diet, only if it was of the highest quality and taste. Now, living their dream, they can bless their children with healthy bodies, a reverence for animal life, and an appreciation for hard work.

As 4 generations of Thayne's work, manage, and love this fast-growing farm, it was named for the Scottish town they hail from, Paisley. Everyone is invited to enjoy Paisley Farms pork. The Thayne's want the best health for you and your family.


It doesn't take a scientist or physician to recognize the accelerating levels of disease and obesity in our country. As Americans we are eating more and more, and finding less and less nutrition and resulting health from our food. Why is it that one of the richest and best educated people in the world are sluggish, diseased, and overweight? Look to the fuel we are putting into our own bodies and the bodies of the animals we eat from. It's unnatural, processed, preserved, colored, flavored, and doesn't even resemble real food when we're done with it.

Sure, we want to point fingers at what industry is to blame for our current state of health, but in the end it comes down to our own personal choices.  We decide the priority our health holds in our lives.  You can grow a garden, shop at farmer's markets, but where do you find animal products like our grandparents ate at the turn of the century?  You are obviously concerned about enough about your health and the taste of good meat to be on this site, reading about why pasture raised, anti-biotic and hormone free meat is not only preferable, but a must.

When we choose meat that has been pasture raised, we are consciously choosing a product that has had a normal life cycle, not being treated with unnecessary vaccines and hormones, never standing on dirt, or exercising out in the fresh air and sunlight.  We may have to search out and pay a little more to obtain this kind of animal, but the good health of the animal results in good health for us.

Our families are exposed to enough pollution, toxins, preservatives, and stress without us consciously serving up even more at our own kitchen tables.  Let's educate ourselves and know our options.  If you want the strength, vitality, quality and taste our pioneer ancestors enjoyed, let us help you by providing the naturally delicious pork and beef you can't find in the commercialized markets today.

For further fascinating education on the subject check out these resources:

Food, Inc. 2008 Documentary by Robert Kenner
The Omnivores Dilemma:  A natural history of four meals.  By Michael Pollan
In Defense of Food:  An eaters manifesto.  By Michael Pollan
Original Fast Foods: A groundbreaking new dieteary lifestyle guide. By James & Colleen Simmons

Have you ever watched pigs? Ever seen how happy, curious, and fun they are as they root and wallow? Ours are some of the most comical animals we've ever owned. Just as you choose to be around fun, happy and curious people, you will feel the same way about the pork you choose to feed your family. Witnessing them enjoying a natural lifestyle would make you wonder why you'd choose to eat hogs that had been raised in confining, and unhealthy environments.

Having prepared our meat for friends and family we regularly hear things like "This is the most wonderful pork chop I've ever had. Honey, grab the checkbook." We know you'll agree that if it's worth the effort to prepare well, it's worth the effort to start with the highest quality product.

Imagine sinking your teeth into beef that has been raised on natural pasture, alfalfa hay, and barley grown right on it's own farm. With no feed stalls, calves are nursed and raised next to their mothers, walking and exercising together the way nature intended. That's what you get with Paisley Farms beef.

Boasting no unnecessary vaccines and absolutely no growth hormones, Paisley Farms beef is ready to be stacked in your freezer and transformed into wonderful meals and memories around your kitchen table.

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